Legend of

BJORG the Cyborg Flamingo

The Mascot and Inspiration of Team 2470

Bjorn, a Florida flamingo of Norwegian heritage, flew to Minnesota to visit relatives and arrived in January unprepared for the cold and snow of the great white north. As the freezing cold hit his warm weather feathers, he fell from the sky and landed at Jefferson High School.

Early the next morning, a group of students from Jefferson Robotics Team 2470 were on their way to the FIRST Robotics kickoff and saw the cold, frightened Bjorn the Flamingo clinging to life; unable to move or function and on the verge of going to the big gold bird cage in the sky.

As compassionate FIRST Robotics students, they saw someone in the community in need of assistance and their immediate response was to spring into action and help Bjorn. The Robotics Safety Captain quickly referenced the safety and first aid manual and referred to section 102.21.2.b; Protocol and procedure to rescue and resuscitate a freezing flamingo.

The students started to believe that perhaps they had found Bjorn too late and they were losing him. Things were starting to look very bleak for their new pink friend with a beak...

Luck was on their side: it was the FIRST Robotics kickoff and the Jefferson Robotics team was prepared and ready for the new season, with their minds open for a new challenge.

The rest of the day was a blur...techniques, expertise and teamwork were applied to save Bjorn and transform him into the world's FIRST and only Cyborg Flamingo.

Bjorn is now a new bird, a free bird, a bird of technology, tenacity, and triumph.

After his recover, as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, Bjorn changed his name to Bjorg in honor of the Bloomington Jefferson Outstanding Robotics Group.

To this day, there continues to be sightings of this elusive and mystical flamingo at FIRST Robotics Competitions throughout the land, as he does his part to paint the world pink and pay respect to the skill and talent of FIRST Robotics...the program responsible for his very existence.